UCT’s engineers are here to do more than just solve technical problems: they’re here to help improve your products and your manufacturing processes.

Tell us what characteristics your application requires, and we’ll help you choose a coating that accomplishes your objectives. We can play a valuable role in the design of a new product or process…or in the refinement of an existing one.

Some of the improvement goals we may be able to help you achieve:

  • Increasing production uptime
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Reducing component weight
  • Reducing component manufacturing costs
  • Eliminating lubrication requirements
  • Improving performance by reducing friction, heat, and other detrimental forces
  • Achieving more precise operation and tighter tolerances
  • Maintaining corrosion resistance without the expense of stainless steel
  • Increasing profit margin

Not just a new finish, but an entirely new surface for your part.

UCT’s coatings create an entirely new surface on your component, uniformly bonded at the molecular level. This gives you an extraordinary level of control over your component’s surface properties.

Our coatings can make the surface of your component harder, more corrosion-resistant and more lubricious — all of which reduces friction, wear, and extends the life of the part. As a result, you may be able to substitute a less costly, more lightweight base material for your component, helping you reduce costs.

No matter where you may be in the design (or re-design) process, call on UCT. We can help you choose the most appropriate and efficient substrate material for your component… and help you identify the most effective design and performance options available.