Advanced coatings that create
an entirely new surface on critical components

UCT Coatings is The Nickel Boron Company!

Nickel Boron is a wear-resistant, low friction, damage tolerant coating that is  uniformly deposited on complex geometry. UCT's Nickel Boron plating, production, engineering, and analytical capabilities are second to none in the electroless metal finishing industry. UCT is the originator of EXO, a patented, high-performance Nickel Boron coating that gives metal surfaces an extraordinary combination of hardness, abrasion resistance, and lubricity. We specialize in all forms of nickel-based coatings, including Nickel Boron (Ni-B) and nickel phosphorous. If you are an OEM seeking to upgrade the performance of your product, or an industrial end-user working to protect metal surfaces in your operation, turn to UCT. Read More

Diverse Applications

  • Government/Defense
  • Tissue & Paper
  • Marine/Maritime
  • Oil & Gas
  • Small Arms
  • and Many More!