UCT Coatings is The Nickel Boron Company

Nickel Boron is a wear-resistant, low friction, damage tolerant coating that is uniformly deposited on complex geometry. UCT’s Nickel Boron plating, production, engineering, and analytical capabilities are second to none in the electroless metal finishing industry. UCT is the originator of EXO, a patented, high-performance Nickel Boron coating that gives metal surfaces an extraordinary combination of hardness, abrasion resistance, and lubricity.

We specialize in all forms of nickel-based coatings, including Nickel Boron (Ni-B) and nickel phosphorous. If you are an OEM seeking to upgrade the performance of your product, or an industrial end-user working to protect metal surfaces in your operation, turn to UCT. Read More


UCT Coatings, Inc. is pleased to announce its accreditation with NADCAP for Chemical Processing. This accomplishment indicates an extensive review, documentation and audit by NADCAP and certifies that we have met or exceeded industry standards set forth by key stakeholders in the aerospace and defense industry.

A NADCAP certification, among other things, ensures the following:

• Improved product quality and consistency
• Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction
• Implementation of best industry practices
• Fewer audits for end-users and organizations along the supply chain



Nickel Boron Plating Overview

Diverse Industry Applications

• Government/Defense
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Tissue & Paper
• Oil & Gas
• Saw Blades
• Small Arms


5 Star Review

Dear Tim,

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. I can honestly say I have never had a finishing vendor, whether it be heat treating, plating or any other service, who was as helpful as you were. The education you gave me thru our discussions and your literature has made me very confident in my knowledge of this process and how I can leverage it to make a superior product.

The parts we had made worked great. Our customer is very excited about it and has gone as far to say they are the best parts available on the market. He loved the fact that it welded perfectly even with the plating on the areas where heat was applied. The fact that we didn’t need to mask these and could pass that savings on to our customer is a perk I wasn’t even aware of when choosing this plating. Thank you for giving me that insight. You have made a life long customer and I will be sending you the upcoming production run of these in the next month or so as well as any other job I have that you provide a service for.

Mark Hintz
Mechanical Drafting and Design
Black Creek Precision

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