Frac Tools

  • Frac ports
  • Frac ball seats
  • Packer components
  • Shifting tool components

Fishing Tools – collars and collets

Well-bore Cleanup Tools – pads, brushes, stabilizers, pistons, keepers, sleeves

Wash & Jetting Tools – nozzles

Pup Joints & Connections

Increased Tool Life, Increased Productivity

Extending tool life in down-hole situations can help operators reduce the costs of labor, parts, and lost production that occur when equipment has to be replaced.

UCT’s EXO coatings can give any critical component a surface that is even harder than the sand and grit that causes premature wear. As a result, equipment run time is increased – and so is productivity.

UCT’s EXO coating provides a distinct advantage over many conventional coatings, because it is deposited with extreme uniformity across the entire face of the component. No matter how complex the geometry of the tool’s surface may be, EXO evenly covers every contour with a new, permanent surface that will not flake, chip, or peel.