“A Unique Ternary Alloy Electroless Nickel Process for Critical Wear Resistance Applications”

UCT Coatings’ Armor ENC is a revolutionary ternary Electroless Nickel alloy that offers unmatched corrosion and wear resistance compared to other Electroless Nickel processes. Unlike hard chrome plating, UCT Coatings’ Armor ENC has the ability to plate uniformly on the most complex parts, including inside diameters without the use of auxiliary anodes. Due to its unique properties, this coating can be used as a direct replacement for many hard chrome wear resistance applications.

With over 19 years of Electroless Nickel industry experience, UCT Coatings, Inc. offers this new ternary alloy Armor ENC to meet the demands of the most aggressive applications such as Oil & Gas, Firearms industry, Automotive, Aerospace, among many others.



• Lead-Free and Cadmium-Free Deposits
• Lowest Taber Wear Index ( < 2 TWI ) of any Electroless Nickel
• Revolutionary Ternary Nickel-Phosphorous-Carbon Alloy
• Exceptional Ductility
• Consistent Pit-Free Smooth Bright Deposits
• Meets or Exceeds AMS-C-26074, AMS2404 and ASTM B733 Specifications
• RoHS, WEEE and ELV Compliant