EXO Marine Shield

UCT Coatings, Inc. has applied its metallurgical expertise and breakthrough technology to the marine industry.  The result is EXO Marine Shield.  This is no typical paint or spray coating that helps for a while but then wears off and has to be reapplied every year.  This is a whole new metal surface on the parts that is harder, more wear resistant and dramatically reduces adherence of marine growth.


  • Abrasion protection – extends propeller life
  • Erosion protection – delays cavitation loss
  • Retards marine biofouling
  • Easier to clean than traditional finish
  • Durable and damage tolerant
  • Repairable and replaceable finish
  • Fuel savings above 5% possible

Improved performance

  • Fuel efficiency
  • HP (reduced for same RPM)


  • Coating can be applied to Stainless Steel, Bronze, Nibral Propellers
  • Coating can be applied to cleaned/used propellers
  • Propeller Diameters up to 60”

A Range of Applications Above and Below the Water Line

UCT’s broad range of metal coating services benefit the marine industry both above and below the water line.

  • We can coat surfaces throughout the vessel to protect from corrosive salt spray.
  • We can coat engine components to enable them to run cooler, longer, and more smoothly.
  • And our proprietary EXO coatings can reduce friction on propeller blades, improving their performance on vessels of all sizes.

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Tim Collins
EVP, Sales