Law Enforcement Support

UCT is prepared to work with LE armorers and procurement personnel to ensure that your department is equipped with the most reliable firearms technology available.

UCT’s proprietary EXO coating enables our FailZero firearms components to operate completely without lubrication – which in turn eliminates the maintenance and reliability problems associated with web lube. What’s more, EXO-coated FailZero components represent a cost-effective option for upgrading existing weapons without the expense of replacing entire arms.

Our team includes individuals with years of experience as law enforcement and active-duty military service. As a result, they understand the perspective and priorities of LE agencies, and they know firsthand the need for supreme firearm reliability

FailZero kits have been reviewed by multiple Law Enforcement publications and Web sites — and have repeatedly been proven to represent a significant performance asset.

To discuss your department’s particular needs, contact Scott Bourret, at 772-872-7110.

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